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共享空間的新思維與商業模式 Co-working Space New Thinking & Business Model


How does the sharing economy disrupt and innovate the traditional real estate practice that leads to a different growth path from other platforms like Uber and AirBnB?

很榮幸能夠獲得「為你而讀」創辦人Steve Sue邀請, 跟大家分享我在共享空間/共享辦公與商用不動產的長期觀察以及經驗, 讓大家能夠對共享空間的新思維與商業模式有一定的了解

With my 20 years of real estate experience and in-depth knowledge about co-working space, it is my honour to be invited by the founder of Read for You, Steve Su, and to give a speech to their members who are interested in understanding the basic concept and business model of co-working space, especially in such a challenging time during the Pandemic period.

歡迎有興趣的以及想學習更多相關知識的, 7/23 可以一起來交流喔 !!更多細節, 請按下面圖片連結!

Welcome everyone to join me in exploring this topic together on July 23rd!! The speech will be in Chinese and the venue will be held in Taipei. For more details, please click on below picture link !

「為你而讀」是台灣學習新知的社群領導品牌, 致力於創新教育與跨領域教育的推廣, 想獲得新知識或了解未來趨勢, 都能在這獲得滿滿~

Note: Read for You is Taiwan's leading online learning platform for communities interested in acquiring new ideas and industry trends. They have been promoting the education especially on startups and cross-field professions allowing the penetration of good ideas into people with different social background and bridging the knowledge gap

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